Business Loans

Keep your business running. Finance all working capital and fixed asset acquisition. Business loans are offered to all retailers, vendors, hardware, flea markets and many others;

a) Working capital financing –restocking
b) Asset loans – purchase of equipment

Consumer Loans

Get organised now, and pay later. Consumer Loans allow you to buy items that require full payment before use. These include household furniture. If you have an income source, come and get this loan.

School Fees Loans

Get rid of the pressure and stresses of paying full fees while straining your budget at the beginning of the term. School fees Loans allow you to pay school fees and then raise the money while your children go to school undisturbed.

Emergency Loans

Don’t get stuck in a situation that requires money instantly when you can unhurriedly pay. Acquire an emergency loan from KCI instantly. These emergencies can be:
a) Medical bills payment OR
b) Border duty payment

Agricultural Loans

Loans to finance the activities of farmers who practice horticulture and animal husbandry, tobacco farming or cotton at any scale. Loans payable within the projected harvest and sales period.